Meet The Team

Gaming enthusiast meets business acumen.


As gamers and rising professionals, we saw an opportunity to push the level of performance and immersion in the PC peripherals segment. We're working to realize a new type of mouse concept perfect for taking competitive gaming and work to the next level. When developing GRAV, we wanted to push the perception of what a gaming device can be. We were tired of the lackluster performance and base characteristics present in many of the products currently on the market.


With an emphasis on quality and performance, our team has worked diligently to craft a product that looks great and feels even better in the hand. GRAV gives seasoned players a fresh experience with their favorite games and an even greater competitive edge when it matters most. 


We're proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far and we can't wait to keep pushing forward with the next generation of immersive peripherals. We thank you for being a part of our journey!


What will you do with GRAV?

Our Mission

Empower excellence. Foster connection and do more.

Our Story

Our team was born out of the Eller College of Management New Venture Development Program at the University of Arizona. Individually, we each knew that we wanted to make a difference through the function of entrepreneurship. As a team, however, we struggled to come to a conclusion on how we could best fulfill that goal.


We quickly found that we shared a passion for video gaming -- both as an outlet to pass time and, to spur our competitive spirits. When Newton brought forth a concept for next-generation gaming and productivity mouse, we all knew we had something special. Within weeks, we had our hands on an early prototype and we were hooked by the promise it held.


Our team committed fully to the idea and intention that we could open doors to new gaming experiences and craft a product that creates new ways of interacting with any game -- broadening the world of competitive gaming.


We've been chasing that idea ever since and we are so excited for GRAV mouse to create the same impact in a community we love!

Founding Members

Newton Ryan

Founder - Product Development


With a keen mind for product innovation, Newton is constantly thinking about how products and the user experience can perform differently and have a positive impact.


Gaming is a favorite pass time of Newton's with more than a decade of time in the gaming community. He's a seasoned Call of Duty Player and before building his gaming PC, spent plenty of time running the Xbox gauntlet.


Armen Demirjian

Founder - Design Specialist


Armen is a skilled designer and has a knack for crafting high-quality visual assets and product renderings that convey emotion and communicate volumes.


It all started with the Xbox 360 for Armen. Favorite games include Call of Duty, Halo Reach, and Skyrim. While he spends more time developing his mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite now, you'll want any excuse not to run up against him in a quick scope 1v1 on Nuketown!



Evan Zavitz

Founder - Comms Specialist


A skillset focused on public speaking and writing lends to Evan's capacity for crafting messaging illustrates essential values of product and brand to a range of people


Evan believes that gaming is one of the most immersive mediums to tell stories and spark the imagination. With a love for incredible worlds and larger-than-life heroes, Evan's gaming career has ranged from the depths of Rapture to the grand possibilities of distant ring worlds.





Jack Drescher

Founder - Finance Specialist


Whether it's reading a 10K or thinking through financial strategy, Jack is adept at reading the story of numbers. He is an essential element of GRAV and supports our team immensely with a critical understanding of business functions and the delicate dance of cash flow.


Jack has been a lifelong gamer with plenty of hours spent pushing his NBA 2K career to the max! Additionally, Jack was a force on Rust and, before falling into the world of business, might have eventually been seen headlining for FaZe!